Welcome To My World

I look a lot like other 36 year-old women on the outside. I enter the world each morning in my exercise leggings and loose fitting top. My brown, curly hair has been straightened to a T, and a perfectly shaped smile illuminates as I get my 8 year-old on the bus and drop my 4 year-old off at pre-school. I appear as though I’m ready to hit the gym for my daily workout. It’s just another day in my seemingly normal, hectic life; but on the inside, I’m not living quite the dream.

You see, I’m not actually headed to the gym. I wear these comfortable clothes because my body is in constant pain and my muscles are physically weak. And while the whirlwind of having two children makes me feel like I’m living out the average American dream, my body reminds me otherwise. That smile that you see- it’s not covering up my pain; it’s who I truly am, pushing through the mess. I am Chronically Ill Lindsay Jill and I hope you’ll follow me along my not so normal path.

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